Ecological efficiency

medlog increasingly employs environmentally friendly technologies, in particular delivery vehicles run on natural gas, for the execution and completion of its logistical tasks.

Instead of installing environmentally detrimental cooling compressors, our vehicles are fitted with high grade insulation and existing air conditioning systems are re-equipped to produce temperature-regulated vehicles.

Hence, ideal conditions can be created for the transportation of medical consignments all year round, and also for the use of chill packs and cool boxes.

Consumption of resources

In the past few years reusable packaging has vastly improved the standards offered for the transportation of medical items, and has similarly greatly reduced the overall consumption of packaging material.

The patented MedCase – System has enabled medlog to become the first company to produce and market its own superior quality packaging system for the transportation of samples for human medicine.

By using inlays, insets and replaceable system components the proportion of non-reusable packaging has been reduced by almost 90% in veterinary medicine, as well as for the forwarding of specimen for inspection to and from official institutions.

These benefits are environmentally sustainable and enable our customers to save considerable amounts of money.

Energy Consumption and CO2 Neutrality

medlog is supporting the sustainable consumption of natural resources by implementing a complete changeover to solely renewable resources, such as solid biomass, geothermic energy; wind, solar and hydro-electric power. The use of alternative means of transport, such as gas-powered delivery vehicles or cycle couriers in inner city areas, ensures medlog’s logistics services leave a neutral COtyre print.