medlog establishes a name as a specialised provider of transport services for the medical sector – initially in the provinces of Lower Austria and Vienna.


Expansion of the service portfolio to include food health and veterinary inspections in the agricultural sector. Expansion into the provinces of Upper Austria and Styria.

Offices established in Vienna. Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology award in the business start-up competition.

Offices established in Salzburg, including the setting up of a medlog centre for overnight logistics.

Expansion of the service portfolio to include food health in Upper Austria. To serve this purpose the logistics system was expanded to cover the whole of the region.

Expansion of medlog’s logistics into the province of Styria. Initiation of operations in this region enabled medlog to establish an overnight hub for the transport of consignments from one province to another.

medlog becomes a partner of the ILONEXS overnight courier network, opening up business options with other parts of Europe.

A large-scale food health project is set up with Austria-wide supply coverage. The provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg are integrated and there is complete supply coverage of Austria. Establishment of the M24 brand and beginning of the worldwide express delivery service.

Creation of web-based logDATA software for online communication with authorities and public sector offices.

Logistics set-up enhanced by the take-over of a number of large-scale laboratories in western Austria. Support for over 2000 local doctors in human and veterinary medicine. Succefull certification on ISO 9001.

The 14th July 2011 saw the staging of the ceremonial start of building work on Austria’s most state-of-the-art medical and laboratory logistics centre on the Salcherstraße industrial estate in St. Pölten.

The company’s new headquarters in St. Pölten are completed and ceremonially opened. The move to the new facility is completed very quickly.

Establishment of an Austria-wide logistics system for medical equipment and accessories, and provision for hospitals and patients.

New base opened in the 1230 postcode district of Vienna.

Establishment of a full-coverage MDE device, scanner tracking system to ensure seamless tracking and tracing of consignments.

Introduction of medleg-COMPLETE to book orders electronically and provide paperless documentation of our transportation services.

medlog has taken a stance in favour of efficient and ecologically sustainable mobility by acquiring electric cars for, and installing charging stations at, the company’s bases in St. Pölten and Vienna. This has taken us a step closer to the shared goal of integrating environmentally friendly technologies into our everyday activities.

The establishment of specialised logistics services for the transportation of documents for public authorities and public sector offices.

Expansion of specialised logistics services for medical facilities to include transportation using temperature-controlled vehicles.

A further step towards sustainable practices and environmental protection via the erection of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the company headquarters in St. Pölten, Austria.
A large proportion of the entire corporate building’s energy requirements is now covered by the exploitation of solar power.