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Special Covid-19 transport service

The current coronavirus situation has impressed on us just how important functioning sample and test logistics are for analytical research laboratories, hospitals and authorities.


Austria-wide screening and the PCR testing of potentially infected individuals are heavily dependent on reliable and speedy sample transportation. medlog now transports tests and samples for over 30 PCR labs and medical research institutes.


medlog’s customer service department would be delighted to inform you in detail about the regulations and legal directives applied to the transportation of infectious substances.

medlog measure

As a company that deploys physical manpower in the provision of services for hospitals, doctors and laboratories, we make sure all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the operatives we send do not pose any danger to people with whom they come into contact.

Corona hygiene measures for drivers

Due to the fact that drivers serving laboratories, hospitals and medical staff are exposed to an increased risk of contact with the coronavirus, their compliance with the following hygiene guidance is imperative:

  • Avoid direct contact with other people!
  • Disinfect hands after any contact with objects that could potentially pass on the virus!
  • Reduce time spent in areas populated by people who could possibly be infectious (doctors’ waiting rooms, hospitals)!
  • Handle potentially infectious objects with disposable medical gloves, throw them away after use and replace them with new ones.
  • Wear an FFP2 mask wherever there is high exposure to other people and where there is an increased risk of infection!

Contactless consignment hand-overs

The hand-over and receipt of shipments takes place without person-to-person contact due to compliance with minimum social distancing of two metres.

No confirmation of hand-over is provided, since it is not possible to pass over an MDE device for scanning and signatures. Scanning at the point of delivery and the entry of the recipient’s name qualify the shipment as having been handed-over correctly.

If the shipment also includes a goods delivery note on top of the bill of lading, the driver will provide confirmation of delivery.

Protective clothing

All employees responsible for packaging, transporting or handling shipments are required to wear protective items such as gloves and FFP2 masks.

Hands are disinfected after every transaction, particularly after contact with potentially infectious substances.

3G rule (vaccinated, tested or recovered)

All of our employees work to the 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered) and are regularly checked using antigen or PCR tests.

The latest Covid-19 information

Here are the latest guidelines and legislative regulations.

Go to   Austrian Ministry of health Regulations