Doctors and Laboratories

Doctors and Laboratories

We deliver sensitive samples taken in routine checks at local doctors’ surgeries to laboratories – quickly and affordably. This is a task that requires great skill and care, and one we have been carrying out for a number of laboratories for several years now.

A qualified professional approach, personal dedication and a good understanding of how medical procedures are organised have enabled us to develop perfectly adapted logistics for such delicate consignments.

More than 1000 Austrian doctors and over 30 laboratories trust in medlog’s experience and reliability for every kind of ‘handle-with-care’ cargo, from sensitive biological substances and materials for clinical studies – to transplants and samples from patients.

Every day, doctors, medics and laboratories have to handle materials and substances that become subject to the stipulations of the Hazardous Goods Transportation Law (GGBG) and/or the European Law on the Transportation of Hazardous Goods by Road (ADR) , as soon as they are loaded onto a motor vehicle and transported by road.

  • Advice on hazardous goods
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Same-day sample service (collection & delivery)
  • medlog – sample tracking system
  • logDATA – order management and filing

Pre-analytics & Laboratory logistics

The quality of laboratory results is extremely dependent upon pre-analytics. This includes all the steps necessary prior to analysis, such as preparation of the patient to provide a sample, the taking of the specimen, transportation of the specimen to the laboratory and preparation of the specimen for analysis. Specimen are particularly prone to outside influences that can distort or invalidate analytical results.

Short transportation times and medlog’s own patented MedCase, packaging system create optimum conditions for the stable and reliable transportation for specimen that are due for testing when they arrive at the laboratory. If intermediate storage is needed, all of medlog's depots are fitted with cooling and refrigeration units.