Hospital Logistics

Hospital Logistics

The transport and storage logistics requirements connected with hospitals and centralised healthcare facilities are multifaceted. As a rule, suppliers and large forwarding agents are only able to provide routine services with regard to the delivery of everyday medical sector equipment and materials.

In just a handful of years, due a large degree of flexibility and a wealth of practical experience in the field of medical sector deliveries to and from hospitals, medlog has managed to become a trusted transporter of sensitive medical consignments – indeed, the leading logistics provider in the field!

Now, more than 50 hospitals allow their daily express deliveries of sensitive contents for medical tests, patient specimen, operating table instruments and many other items to be transported by medlog.

More than 50 hospitals rely on the services provided by medlog

  • Blood, samples from patients, transplants, and clinical studies inter alia
  • Seamless ‘same-day’ logistics network
  • The right packaging for every consignment

The unique medlog ‘same-day’ logistics service ensures sensitive items are collected, and delivered to the recipient on the same day, without special transport arrangements or separate direct deliveries. medlog’s reputation is based on its service provision and the benefit gained by the customers, by combining two seemingly contradictory elements: Faster delivery times and lower delivery costs!

medlog also provides the ideal packaging and transportation environments for each type of item a hospital wishes to have transported, including dry ice, deep-freeze and refrigerated transport equipment, stable temperature-critical forwarding and room temperature transport. The right type of packaging ensures every sensitive consignment arrives in good condition!

WIf you would like to find out more about medlog’s hospital logistics service or medlog’s ‘same-day’ service, call one of our dispatch team members on 0810 977 100.