Veterinary Medicine

medlog – serving the nation

medlog has been transporting items for the veterinary medicine sector since 2003. medlog works in cooperation with several inspection authorities and official inspection laboratories, and has become the most important link in the chain between production and ANALYSIS.

Have you ever asked yourself…
… Is the ‘Schnitzel’ I’m eating free of trichina?
… Was my prime boiled beef BSE-tested?
… Can I be sure my roast pork was thoroughly tested to ensure it didn’t contain growth hormones?
… Is the farmer I buy my meat from subject to quality assurance testing?
… Is the milk from the dispenser at the local farm up to established dairy quality standards?

Be reassured! Food safety and food safety are at the top of the list in Austria, and medlog is here to guarantee that samples taken every time animals are slaughtered are transported quickly and at the correct temperature. These are preconditions for timely testing and rapid processing.

Not only do laboratories and veterinary authorities place their trust in the reliability and vast experience offered by medlog, they also appreciate the clearly structured and comprehensive invoicing service for transportation and inspection services. These are also carried out for a wide range of local official bodies and regional authorities in Austria.


In 2009 medlog developed the first secure web-based platform, logDATA, to give authorities, public regulators and inspection offices the opportunity to gain access to details of veterinary medicine logistics services that have already been performed and invoiced.

Cost control, transparency and the significant acceleration of bureaucratic procedures are some of the benefits provided by logDATA that are enjoyed by customers, not least the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health .

Veterinary surgeries for small animals

medlog’s many years of experience in the collection and delivery of specimen and samples for the veterinary medicine sector is also being successfully exploited for the transportation of samples from small pets and animals. Dog, cat, hamster, rabbit and bird specimen all arrive safe and sound. The very varied and specialised requirements in this field pose a challenge for every logistics system. It’s a challenge medlog is very happy to accept.

At medlog we know how important your pets are, and that your vet needs test results as quickly as possible. Our staff have this responsibility in mind when dealing with transport issues in this field. This conscientious attention to detail has helped us to acquire over 1000 customers in the veterinary medicine sector and enabled us to become the leading provider of logistics services for institutions in this sector.