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Environmental, Social, Governance


ESG - Environment, Social, Governance

The positive social commitment a company demonstrates is now more important than ever. medlog accepts complete responsibility for all its corporate activities.


What does ESG stand for?


ESG  stands for ‘Environmental, Social, Governance’ and is a benchmark by which to evaluate the performance of a company with regard to environmental concerns, social responsibility and corporate governance.

We constantly strive to rethink our processes and adapt them to the conditions and needs of each individual.


We are aware of the impact our actions have on the environment, and of our consumption of resources. In response, we implement measures to protect the climate and environment, avoid waste and promote renewable energies.


  • Green electricity is purchased and consumed at our medlog site
  • E-charging stations are installed at all medlog premises
  • Power generation is achieved via photovoltaics
  • A ‘Green Motion’ programme provides e-mobility for employees
  • We use reusable packaging for the shipment of organic materials
  • There is a balanced CO2 footprint
  • 100% climate neutrality due to compensation via CO2 certificate
  • We support Wilderness Area Dürrenstein-Lassingtal. This is the largest remaining primeval forest in the Alpine arch, and one of the largest primeval forests in Europe.


As a company, we bear social responsibility for our employees, customers, suppliers and the community. Issues such as human rights, working conditions, diversity and inclusion, job security, consumer protection and charitable initiatives are integral to everything we do.


  • We help the socially disadvantaged – quickly and unbureaucratically
  • We support children who love sports (football camps, youth football)
  • We strongly emphasise team building, strengthening team spirit and group cohesion
  • We pay attention to the health of our employees. We are a BGF-certified company (workplace health promotion)
  • We act according to our values and the principles of our corporate culture


The company’s corporate values are reflected in its corporate structure, the composition of the management team, in transparency, the integrity of our business practices and in our remuneration policy.


  • The application of correct business practices is a fundamental principle
  • Transparent reporting, planning and development are imperatives
  • All processes are documented to guarantee the correct management, governance and monitoring of our company
  • Fairness in competition
  • Suppliers and business partners are selected according to objective criteria

We take our actions seriously and stand by our responsibility!