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Quality management

The very best quality is an absolute must in such an extremely sensitive field of activity. That’s why our Quality Management department is continually checking and optimising all processes.


These are our pillars of best practice:

•   medlog quality handbook

•   medlog quality check

•   ISO 9001 certification

•   Transport validation

•   Packaging qualification



ISO 9001 is the international norm for quality management systems. It engenders faith in the quality and strengths of goods and services, and stands for the continual enhancement of processes and procedures.

As the leading logistics service provider in the medical sector our ISO certification meets the very high quality standards demanded within the health sector, and guarantees the basis for reliable and excellent standards of collaboration with customers and partners.


If you require the new certificate for your QM documentation, please contact us via e-mail!

Customer satisfaction analysis

As the leading provider of medical logistics services, we are continually improving our quality and services.


The current medlog customer satisfaction analysis featured questions on customer service standards, the collection service and the online booking system – and the results underline our success.

We are grateful to 1329 participants for completing the questionnaire and are delighted that 98.2% of the participants gave our services a positive report: 77.8% were very pleased with our services, and 20.4 % were ‘pleased’.


We thank you immensely for placing your faith in us and ensure you we intend to continue doing our very best to guarantee your complete satisfaction.



Temperature control

It’s always good to trust, but it’s better to be sure!

This is a rule we at medlog have taken to heart. We leave nothing to chance when we package a shipment. Temperature-sensitive cargoes, particularly those demanding stable low-temperature transportation, must be constantly and comprehensively monitored by temperature loggers.

For the sake of quality assurance, shipments must also be subjected to random checks – and, with sensitive cargoes, the system must guarantee seamless monitoring.


If you need to transport temperature-specific samples and sensitive substances, and need reliable logging of internal temperatures for your own Quality Assurance and Management system – we would be delighted to provide this option.

Safe packaging in winter.


Low temperatures in winter can pose special challenges for packaging solutions.


Although most of medlog’s shipments are transported in thermally insulated vehicles, on long-haul international journeys or when loading from one vehicle to the next there can be major temperature spikes and troughs. If your consignment isn’t suitable for transportation in low temperatures, it’s all the more important to choose the right type of specialised packaging.


medlog’s internally developed heating elements for passive heat packaging are just one way of preventing sensitive cargoes from ‘catching a cold’.