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Insurance provides assurance!


CMR is the abbreviation for the French Convention relative au Contrat de transport international de Marchandises par route and, in English, the international ‘Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road’. It regulates special damage liabilities legislation as regards forwarders.


According to the CMR the freight forwarder shall be liable for:

  • Loss/damage of goods
  • Exceeding a delivery deadline


CMR is mandatory legislation and does not have to be agreed separately. In this regard, commercial agreements that violate the provisions of the CMR convention cannot be considered legally binding and are null and void.


Generally, the CMR convention does not apply to purely domestic transportation (cabotage transport). However, in Austria the convention has been assimilated into Austrian national legislation (§439a UGB), and thus also applies to domestic deliveries in Austria (venue of pick-up and hand-over are both in Austria). Liability is set at 8.33 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) and is roughly equivalent to €10/kg.


The AÖSp (General Austrian Terms and Conditions for Forwarders) are applied to all transportation orders agreed between a forwarding agent and a registered business. In cases of damage, according to the AÖSp the forwarder is liable to pay €1.09 per kg in compensation to a maximum sum of €1,090.09 per case. If the stated value of the transported item(s) is less than the above, the stated value shall be the maximum liability pay-out.


The SVS-RVS are Forwarding Agency Insurance Certificates and Local Road Distribution Insurance Certificates obligatory between forwarding agents and customers according to the AÖSp for insuring transported goods. The value of the SVS-RVS is dependant upon the material value of the cargo and can be found in a separate list. Customers who do not wish to have SVS-RVS coverage can inform us of this in writing and will be listed as ‘damage waiver’ clients in the customer records.

Transport insurance

Every delivery can be insured separately – if requested in writing – and if the material value of the goods is stated. The customer can request this insurance in writing, and such coverage is particularly important for very valuable objects. medlog neither insures nor transports valuable items such as gold, jewellery, cash or similarly precious assets and items.

medlog SPEZIAL

Sample transport insurance:

Since, in themselves, medical samples do not have any great material value, customers are often underinsured when made to accept liability for damages.


medlog is able to offer separate insurance coverage to provide compensation for damage to the transported items, and consequential damage to profits caused by incorrectly managed transportation.


Please contact customer service for more information.