How do I become a medlog customer?

Just send an e-mail listing your contact details and the question you would like to ask: kundenservice@medlog.at Subsequently, we recommend discussing all your issues in detail on the phone. Our headquarters can be reached on the following number: +43 (0)50 229.


How long does transportation take with medlog?

As a rule, and depending on your requirements, from the moment of pick-up your shipment will be delivered either on the same day, or no later than the following day. Tell us how urgently the shipment is needed, or when the delivery deadline expires, and we ensure it arrives in good time.


What’s the registration deadline for items to be transported by medlog?

If we are contracted to collect your shipment no later than a day prior to transportation, we will have enough time to organise and execute delivery according to your specifications.


How much does it cost to transport items with medlog? Is there a medlog price list?

There is no fixed price list for a very simple reason: medlog services are never simple ‘off-the-peg’ deliveries, since every shipment has to meet a very specific and unique combination of requirements. We can always provide you with an accurate quote for a specified delivery. Please write to us at: kundenservice@medlog.at.


What aspects must I be aware of prior to transportation?

There are several aspects to be considered when forwarding items with medlog.

Some of the issues to be clarified include:
• Does the shipment contain biological substances?
• Is forwarding my cargo subject to statutory packaging guidelines?
• Does the temperature of my content have to remain between minimum and maximum limits?
• When does the shipment have to be received? Is there an agreed hand-over time or a deadline?


What services does medlog provide to accompany transportation?

medlog provides support for all aspects of your forwarding tasks. We advise you on the best choice of packaging, monitor and maintain the required temperature range during transport, and inform you as soon as the shipment has arrived. Please let our customer service staff know exactly what you need – and we’ll make sure that’s exactly what you get!


Has my shipment already arrived? Where can I check delivery progress?

Delivery status can be monitored any time by accessing your order archive in the customer service area. Please tell us if you haven’t received access codes for your customer service area and we’ll send you them immediately.


How and when can I contact medlog?

Our customer services can be contacted by telephone Monday – Friday: 07:30 – 18:00 on +43 (0)50 229 or via e-mail at  kundenservice@medlog.at. We look forward to your call or e-mail.



Are you missing a key question or answer in this list?
Please call us on +43 (0)50 229. It would be our pleasure to help.