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Veterinary medicine

medlog has been transporting items for the veterinary sector since 2003.


At medlog we work together with inspection authorities and official test laboratories, and have formed an important link between the fields of production and analysis.


medlog provides an entire range of logistical services for:

  • Inspection authorities for veterinary medicine
  • Control laboratories
  • Veterinary surgeons
  • Small animal practices
  • …and various other clients

Have you ever asked yourself the following?


  • Is the schnitzel I’m eating completely free of trichinella?
  • Can I be sure the roast beef on my plate comes from BSE-free cattle?
  • Are there traces of growth hormones in my roast pork?
  • Does my meat come from a source that can guarantee quality certification?
  • Does the milk dispenser at the local farm truly provide best-quality milk?



We earn your trust! The safety and quality of foods and beverages is a major issue in Austria. medlog guarantees the samples taken when animals are slaughtered are transported rapidly for inspection in a temperature-sensitive environment.


This is a precondition for timely analysis and quick processing.

Food inspections

medlog’s extremely quick reaction times and speedy transportation on to the inspection laboratories make a key contribution to ensuring Austria’s food inspection system is both extremely effective and highly professional.

Small animal surgeries

The years of experience medlog has amassed transporting samples for veterinary medicine operations also prove beneficial in the service of small animal practices.


Veterinary medical samples transported by medlog always arrive safe and sound, whether from dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits or birds. Customer requirements in this field are very specific, posing major challenges for any logistics business. They’re ones medlog is very happy to face.


At medlog we know your pets are beloved members of the family, and that vets need their test results as quickly as possible. Our employees are aware of the responsibility this involves. Our service has enabled us to become the chosen logistics partner for over 1000 veterinary surgeons, and made us Austria’s no.1 logistics service provider for the veterinary medicine sector.