Transport and medical logistics demand specialised know-how
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medlog’s team of logistics experts has gained practical know-how over many years and continues to expand its expertise by studying legal frameworks within the industry.

Our professionals guarantee supreme expertise, and together we conceive and develop the very best customised solutions for your specific logistics and transportation requirements


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We have your order in just 2 clicks. Our web-based booking tool saves time and makes orders very clear and certain.



  • Template system
  • Alternative invoice recipient (3rd–party billing)
  • Pick-up/collection stations
  • Booking of additional services
  • Etc.


Regular transport orders


medlog customers benefit from the advantages of regular transport orders. Orders are always picked up by a medlog driver at the booked and agreed time. There’s no need to worry about booking a service in good time.


However, when your deliveries become routine, it’s important to cancel or change pick-ups and drop-offs when the schedule changes. That enables us to save resources and increase the efficiency of tour planning.

Cutting out unnecessary mileage is good for you – the customer, for medlog drivers and ultimately for the environment.



If your regular schedule needs to be changed, please let us know as early as possible!

Feel free to contact customer service at any time.

Ready to send

Ready to send

Here are some tips & tricks on how to guarantee safe transport and accurate delivery:


1. The right address is not always the best address
The office at the postal address provided is not always open, staffed or even accessible, so try to speak with the recipient in person to guarantee your shipment can be handed over safely and on time.


2. Divergent delivery times and places
Make sure the delivery address and hand-over time are the same on the shipment and in the order records. Delivery staff require clear and unequivocal information.


3. Plane, train, truck, van or car?
If you’re not sure, make sure you know which companies and means of transport are to be used. This not only affects speed of delivery, but also the conditions under which a shipment is transported – in turn affecting the packaging, labelling and documents required.


4. Who is authorised to receive a shipment?
Don’t specify a recipient in person, c/o, or address the consignment too specifically, if not necessary! During holidays, packages delivered to the right office or department at the agreed time, may sit unopened on a desk for days because colleagues don’t open each other’s mail.


Valuable information on optimum preparations for forwarding can be found in our  FAQ

Hand-overs via the collection box


medlog provides specialised services for hospitals, doctors and laboratories, and is obliged to ensure no danger emanates from medlog employees.


In order to keep any risk of infection to an absolute minimum, in turn protecting our drivers, your employees and your organisation from infection, its effects and consequences, medlog has a rule that the hand-over and receipt of shipments must be contact-free and non-personal, and be subject to social distancing of at least two metres.


Current procedures, legal and organisational restrictions have made it necessary to change collection procedures. To this end, medlog provides insulated, sealable and lockable collection boxes for samples to ensure contact-free and non-personal hand-overs.


If you would like to find out more about medlog sample collection boxes, contact medlog customer